Welcome to my website where I introduce my work as a Jungian psychotherapist in Lancaster


The work of psychotherapy is to reconcile our real life with our aspirations. It is looking for answers to the questions "how can I go through this?", "how can I make sense of what is happening to me?", "how can I truly be myself?".


As a Jungian psychotherapist, I work with dreams and images, because they are an expression of our potential, our hopes as well as our struggles and limitations.


Dreams and images are a starting point. They guide us and help us identify what the real issues are. Through an active use of our resources and imagination, we work towards building a more complete, fulfilling and meaningful sense of self.


If you will contemplate your lack of fantasy, of inspiration and inner aliveness, which you feel as sheer stagnation and a barren wilderness, and impregnate it with the interest born of alarm at your inner death, then something can take shape in you, for your inner emptiness conceals just as great a fullness if only you will allow it to penetrate into you.


CG Jung, Collected Works Vol. 14

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