I hope to start seeing clients face-to-face again in the summer and will be able to take new regular clients then.

In these exceptional circumstances, we are all likely to suffer from higher levels of stress and anxiety.
You can help yourself by regularly reconnecting with your body through physical exercise, meditation or yoga, as well as eating well, drinking plenty of water and speaking with friendly people.

If you feel that you need help find your way through the current situation or you would like to discuss dreams that you have had recently, I offer short-term therapy and one-off consultations online. Please email me for availability.

You can read my article entitled The Language of Nature about ‘strange dreams’ and the coronavirus crisis.

Self Care

Some simple exercises may help you reconnect with your body and manage anxiety. I recorded a simple ‘body scan’ exercise to help ground yourself and find new resources in your body.

You may find Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) exercises helpful. They are clearly introduced in this video: Chiropractic: Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) – Stage 1

And you can try try Qi Gong exercises such as these for relaxation: Evening Qigong to Relax Body and Mind

There are many mindfulness and meditation apps you may like to try: Headspace which is currently offering free support or Calm which is particularly effective for people who have difficulties going to sleep.